F-SECURE SENSE Dual-band (2.4 GHz / 5 GHz) router

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F-SECURE SENSE Dual-band (2.4 GHz / 5 GHz) Gigabit Ethernet Silver, White wireless router Description

F-Secure SENSE
The missing piece of your connected home

Easily secure every connected thing in your home using one device, now and in the future. F-Secure SENSE is the combination of a security router, an advanced security app and industry-leading cloud protection.

The SENSE router secures your entire home network, protecting every connected thing from online threats.
The SENSE app both manages your home network and protects your devices, even on the go.
Our industry-leading security cloud monitors your network for threats in real time.

The missing piece of your connected home
If they call it smart, it's also vulnerable. Every new device in our home network is a potential back door into our digital lives, since most new connected things aren't designed to be secure. SENSE protects everything connected in your home, from desktop computers and phones to smart TVs and baby monitors.

Introducing: IoT security
We have more and more connected devices in our homes, but the lack of available security apps leaves many of them vulnerable. SENSE revolutionizes online security by protecting your entire home network, not just specific devices. Its IoT security technology senses traffic from connected devices to provide extra protection against IoT threats.

One app to control and monitor
Your secure home network is set up, controlled and monitored through a single mobile app. The SENSE app guides you through the setup process, shows you how to add devices to your network and lets you monitor their traffic. SENSE protects more devices with less hassle.

Security on the go
Protection from SENSE reaches beyond your connected home, with your Android and Windows devices protected wherever you are using the SENSE app. Brought to you by the people who created the world's #1 protection technology, your devices are in good hands.

The privacy of your home
Everyone in your SENSE network can surf the web with peace of mind. SENSE secures browser traffic by automatically blocking phishing, intrusive tracking and other malicious attacks. More privacy features are also in development, and will be released as free, automatic updates to make every SENSE network even more private.